REVE Secure Launches 2FA Solution for UNIX/Linux SSH Security

Fully-functioning 2FA – Two Factor Authentication App launched by the REVE Secure for securing UNIX/Linux SSH against unauthorized access.

Singapore, 25 April 2017: With frequently occurring malicious attacks on UNIX/Linux SSH and servers of the enterprises, security has become highly important. Taking this fact into consideration, REVE Secure has introduced REVE 2FA for Unix SSH Security. Through this app, entrepreneurs can now provide a secondary layer of security to their servers after traditional user id & password combination.

Launching REVE Secure 2FA, REVE Group CEO, M Rezaul Hassan said, “We are happy to introduce our new product dedicated for the server security industry. REVE 2FA will facilitate enterprises to secure their UNIX/Linux servers via a strong secondary layer authentication eliminating the chances of any kind of unauthorised intrusions.”
With 2FA, this security issue gets resolved, as a second factor – security token along with key, is required to complete the login process successfully. REVE Secure 2FA App generates the security token as soon as user enters the valid SSH key. Hence, enabling 2FA prevents security threats and unauthorized access.

About the REVE Secure
REVE Secure, a security-focused enterprise, is a vertical of the REVE Group, the Singapore based conglomerate. Specializing in the security domain, REVE Secure renders fully-functioning 2FA App for UNIX/Linux SSH security. REVE Secure aims to protect your digital assets and has launched the most advanced Two Factor Authentication App to keep enterprises one step ahead of the intruders.

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