Joomla Integration

Adding REVE Secure 2FA to your Joomla! Account

  1. Log in to your Joomla! account.
  2. Install the REVE Secure 2FA extension from the Joomla! Extensions Directory <>.
  3. In the Plugins window, find REVE Secure and enable the plugin. (Before proceeding to the next step, Sign up to the REVE Secure Dashboard to link the Joomla! Service and map users.
  4. Once the plugin is enabled, you can manage the users and preferences linked to the Joomla! Account by selecting REVE Secure from the list of components. Alternatively, you can follow these steps:
    • a. Click the REVE Secure plugin (under Plugin Name field in the Plugins window).
    • b. Under the Set REVESecure UserName click Set Reve Secure User Name.
  5. On this page, you can access the API Key and Secret Key for your Service created on REVE Dashboard. Paste the API Key and Secret Key for the Joomla! Service from the REVE Secure Dashboard, in their respective fields.
  6. You can also enable and disable two-factor authentication for the accounts linked with your Joomla! (Note: Only Superusers and Administrators can modify the settings for another account, Superusers have the highest hierarchy of all).
    • a. To enable 2FA for a user, add the user’s REVE Secure username (mapped on the REVE Secure Dashboard) and click Submit.
    • b. To disable 2FA, simply remove the user’s REVE Secure username and click Submit.