Why Two Factor Authentication Is Important for The Online Accounts?

Why Two Factor Authentication Is Important for The Online Accounts

The end users worldwide have the online accounts, and they must take privacy and security of their accounts seriously. Most of the end users globally access their valuable online data, information and accounts using just only a single security layer or factor; the password. This process of accessing the accounts is known as 1FA (One Factor Authentication) or Single Step Verification. The hackers can guess both weak and complicated passwords of the end users by using the latest cryptographic techniques. So, keeping even the complex passwords cannot give an assurance that your online accounts are highly secure from all sorts of external threats and security breaches. You need to add an extra layer or factor in the login procedure to get unmatched security of your online accounts. Two Factor Authentication is the best as well as an important method that enhances the security level, so that any unauthorized user can’t log in to your account.

What Two Factor Authentication exactly is?

Two Factor Authentication, also referred to as 2FA or Two Step Verification, is a security method that adds an extra layer of security along with default login credentials; username and password, to verify identity of the user. 2FA security method requires two factors – password; the first factor (something you know), a unique verification code; the second factor (something you have) or biometric characteristics (something you are) like iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint, in the login procedure to check whether the user is authentic or not. The unique verification code or OTP (One Time Password) is sent to the registered mobile device of the user, and is valid only for a few seconds.

If any unauthorized user hacks your secret password, then also he won’t be able to log in to your valuable online account. It is because knowing the password is not enough to gain access to the account. For executing this task successfully, he needs a unique verification code, sent to your registered mobile device, after entering the valid password. This is the most important benefit of Two Factor Authentication security method.

2FA is not a new technique for securing your digital assets. Banks have been using it for ages, combining your physical credit & debit card with a 4-digit PIN or signature. Having 2FA in place, in this example, means that if you lose your credit card, the person who finds it won’t be able to withdraw cash, as a 4-digit PIN is required to complete the action i.e. withdraw cash. In this way, Two Factor Authentication secures all your online accounts, and is important.