Why End-users Must Enable Two Factor Authentication?

Why End-users Must Enable Two Factor Authentication

In today’s digitization, most of the people around the world use the internet, and they would have online accounts to keep their confidential data and information. As you know that the internet is an unsecured network, therefore security of the online accounts has become a big challenge for all the end-users worldwide. The hackers use the advanced cryptographic techniques to steal the secret passwords, and hack the online accounts of the end-users. So, it is extremely important for the end-users to add an extra layer of security in the login procedure because the password-alone protection is not enough to secure their valuable online accounts from external harmful threats or malicious attacks. One solution in this regard is 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), which secures the online accounts of the end-users from all possible cyberattacks occurring over the internet.

2FA Brief

2FA, also known as Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification, is a security method used to confirm the identity of an account owner. In general, Two Factor Authentication is an extra security step to prevent an individual, who is not an authentic user of the account, from accessing the online accounts or transferring funds.

Two Factor Authentication security method requires any two out of possible three authentication factors – something you know (username, password, PIN, a secret question), something you have (credit & debit card, mobile device), or something you are (biometric characteristics of the individual like iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint).

Suppose, if any unauthentic user manages to know your secret password, then 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) will protect your prestigious online account from being compromised. It is because after enabling 2FA, an extra security layer is added in the login procedure i.e. a randomly generated unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode) is required to complete the login process successfully. The unique verification code is sent to the registered mobile device of the authentic end user, and is valid only for a few seconds. It reflects that the hacker will not be able to hack your confidential data even after getting the secret password.

It is true that security of digital assets is a primary concern, therefore the end-users must enable Two Factor Authentication security method on all their valuable online accounts. This method prevents unauthorized access of your confidential data and information available over the internet. Opt for 2FA, and experience the next level security.