Which Method Provides More Security: 2FA or MFA?

Which Method Provides More Security: 2FA or MFA

The security of the online accounts and data servers is a big challenge in today’s scenario, where cyber-attacks over the internet are increasing continuously at a very fast pace. In this critical situation, it seems quite difficult to secure the end users’ online accounts and data servers of the enterprises with just a single layer of protection or factor of authentication, called password. It is because the passwords today are problematic, and can be guessed or stolen in an easy manner. The hackers use the advanced cryptographic techniques to break the security, and hack the online accounts of the users. To enhance the security level of your valuable online accounts, there are two security methods, namely 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication). But, the most important question that arises here is: which one of these methods provides more security? This post will give you the answer, so read it.

A brief about 2FA

2FA (Two Factor Authentication), also known as Two Step Verification, is a security process that adds two layers of security or factors of authentication in the login procedure to verify identity of the user, who is logging the online account. This method requires two factors; ‘something you know’ and ‘something you have’, from the user to log in to the account successfully. In fact, Two Factor Authentication is a perfect solution to the security issues that exist in 1FA (One Factor Authentication), which uses a single layer; the password, to secure the online accounts from harmful external threats and malicious attacks.

With the help of 2FA, the user requires a unique verification code or OTP along with the combination of valid username and password, to login his online account. This unique code is received on the mobile, or any other registered device of the user, whenever there is a login attempt. So, even if any person manages to guess your secret password, then also it would be extremely difficult for him to access your online account, as he needs a unique verification code to successfully complete the login procedure.

The only exception associated with Two Factor Authentication security method is that what if someone else guess even unique verification code sent to your registered mobile device.

What is MFA system?

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) is a security method that includes the combination of 2FA (‘something you know’, ‘something you have’) and ‘something you are’ to verify identity of the user, who is trying to access the online account. This security method adds three or more layers or factors in the login procedure, to make it more complicated and secure. With the help of MFA, the user requires to verify his biometric characteristics (iris, face, retinal scan, voice recognition, fingerprint, handwriting), unique verification code or OTP along with username and password combination. If all these three factors match perfectly, then only the user will be allowed to log in to his valuable online account, else not.

Multi Factor Authentication security method easily handles the exception of Two Factor Authentication system. It means, if someone else manages to guess your secret password and unique verification code, then also he can’t log in to your online account at any cost. The reason behind this fact is that the biometric characteristics, also known as the third layer or factor in case of MFA, of every person are different. Hence, it proves that (MFA) Multi Factor Authentication method provides more security to the online accounts and data servers in comparison to 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).