What Steps the End Users Need for Enabling Two Factor Authentication on Their LinkedIn Account?

LinkedIn 2FA

2FA (Two Factor Authentication), or Two Step Verification, is an authentication mechanism that protects all your valuable online accounts from security breaches. This security method adds an extra factor in the login procedure to make the account login secure. With 2FA, you require a unique verification code or OTP; the second factor, along with your secret password; the first factor, to gain access to your account. One of the key benefits of enabling Two Factor Authentication is that if someone else knows your secret password, then also it won’t be possible for him to access your account. So, from today onwards make your LinkedIn account 2FA-enabled.

The various steps that you require to enable this security method have been described below:

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account using email ID or phone number and password.


Step 2: After signing in successfully, move the cursor over your profile photo at the upper right hand side of the page, and click on Privacy & Settings.


Step 3: Click the Privacy tab present between Account and Communications tabs.


Step 4: Click on Security option present at the left on the Privacy page.


Step 5: Click on Two-step verification under Security option.


Step 6: Click on Turn on.


Step 7: A box ‘For your security, enter your password to make this change’ will open. So, enter your password, and click on Done.


Step 8: Enter verification code sent to your mobile, and click on Verify.


Hope, you have gone through all the above-listed steps. Follow these simple steps in a sequential manner, and enable 2FA on your LinkedIn account to enhance the security level.