What Makes It Necessary to Use Two Factor Authentication?

What Makes It Necessary to Use Two Factor Authentication?

The cyberattacks are on the rise, therefore it has become must for all the authentic end users worldwide to secure their valuable online accounts, data and information from these attacks. Several advanced cryptographic techniques are being used by the hackers to compromise the digital assets. So, the end users need to stay one step ahead of the hackers, and use the best security method. Two Factor Authentication is an ideal option that prevents all sorts of malicious activities occurring on the online accounts and sensitive data of the end users. Use it in the login for better digital assets security.

A brief about this method

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA or TSV (Two Step Verification) is a security method that adds an additional security layer in the login procedure to verify identity of the user. 2FA security method requires an authentication code or OTP (One Time Passcode) along with the secret password for providing access to the end user. The authentication code can only be used once and is sent to your registered mobile device after every login attempt on your online account. This means that without having both secret password and access to your mobile device, neither you nor someone else will be able to access your valuable online accounts and data.

What are the various authentication factors?

The various authentication factors used for verifying identity of the users are:

Something you know (the knowledge factors) – username, password, PIN.

Something you have (the possession factors) – credit & debit card, mobile device.

Something you are (the inherence factors) – biometrics like iris, retina, face scan, fingerprint, voice recognition.

Two Factor Authentication is becoming a necessary security method due to the major reasons that have been highlighted below:

The Need for Greater Security – Two Factor Authentication will greatly enhance the levels of security because it requires two specific independent forms of identification before allowing access into an account.

The Need to Reduce Potential Risks – Two Factor Authentication, being an additional layer of authentication, will significantly reduce the potential risks created by weak username and password that are simple to guess or easy to crack.

The Need for an Intuitive Way to Create Better Security – Two Factor Authentication is an automated way of adding an additional layer of security through a variety of components that include ‘something you know’, ‘something you have’, or ‘something you are’.

The Need for an Effective Authentication Process – Many online businesses recognize the potential for a security breach in their corporate intranet or the online Internet activity. By adding a second layer of authentication, the simple process can minimize security breaches while providing a higher level of safeguards to the internal company server and all online business activities.

Two Factor Authentication is a valuable tool for enhancing the level of security, and preventing the online accounts and confidential data of the end users from getting hacked.