Two Factor Authentication – Two Layers That Strengthen Online Account Security

Two Factor Authentication – Two Layers That Strengthen Online Account Security

The passwords are a must for every online account, but they are not extremely reliable, or you can say 100% secure, to keep prying eyes or unauthorized users away from your valuable account, data and information available online. One major drawback of the passwords is that they can be guessed and stolen easily by the hackers or intruders using the advanced techniques of cryptography. Doing things such as using the same password for multiple online accounts, clicking on links in spam emails, not using strong passwords; formed with the combination of special characters, lowercase & uppercase letters and numbers, can increase your chances of getting your secret password stolen. When someone steals your password, he can lock you out of your account and use it for malicious deeds.

If you use the same password for multiple accounts, then the hacker may gain access to all of them. Most of the end users globally use only a single layer i.e. the password to protect their account. Therefore, it is must to move ahead of just password-only verification and add extra layers in the login procedure to strengthen the security of your online account. Two Factor Authentication is an ideal solution that protects identity theft even if the secret password gets compromised.

A little about this ideal solution

Two Factor Authentication, also referred to as 2FA, is an authentication mechanism that adds an extra layer of security along with just password-only verification in the login procedure to verify identity of the user. 2FA security method adds a second factor or level of authentication to an account login. If any unauthorized user hacks through your password level; the first step, then Two Factor Authentication makes it harder for him to get into your account.

2FA requires users to have any two out of possible three types of login credentials before they can access an account. The types of login credentials have been pointed below:

Something you know – username, password, PIN, a secret question & its answer

Something you have – credit & debit card, mobile phone

Something you are – biometric characteristics of the user such as iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.

With 2FA, you require your secret password; the first layer, and a unique verification code; the second layer, to gain access to your account. The unique verification code or OTP is sent to your registered mobile device when you or someone else enters your valid username and password combination in the login procedure. This code is valid only for a few seconds.

One of the biggest reasons to use Two Factor Authentication is the added security it gives you. This security method makes it harder for the hackers to hack into your account. It is because two factors; password and a unique verification code, are required to successfully access the account.