Two Factor Authentication – Secures Servers And Users Online Accounts

Two Factor Authentication – Secures Servers And Users Online Accounts

The incidents of hacking and cybercrimes are increasing day by day at a rapid pace, and it has become an extremely important step for colocation service providers as well as end users to opt for a solution that can easily protect servers and the online accounts from external threats. Today’s hackers are technically sound and they use the latest techniques, or you can say algorithms, to break your secret password in an easy way. Therefore, adding an extra layer of protection along with login from password, will be a fruitful step from the security perspectives.

Password-alone protection isn’t as good as you think it is because a plenty of the online accounts having strong & complex passwords, have been already compromised by the hackers. Due to this reason, several enterprises and the online users around the globe are opting for 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) method to protect their servers and existing online accounts.

What is this method and how it works?

Two Factor Authentication, or Two Step Verification, is a well-known and proven method that provides additional security for servers of the enterprises and online accounts of the users. Once you enable 2FA solution, you can make sure that a hacker or any unauthentic person won’t be able to access your valuable data even if he figures out your secret password. The reason for this restricted access to a second-party is that a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Password) is required in the second step to log in to the online account successfully.

This special code is sent to the registered physical device of an authentic user by his 2FA service provider. The validity of this code is 60 seconds or even less, so if any person manages to get your password and OTP, then also he can’t access your account. It is because every time he needs to enter a different OTP which is sent to your registered device only, after you or someone else enters login credentials; username and password, of your account. This unique verification code, also known as second factor, prevents the online accounts from all sorts of external threats and malicious attacks.

Important factors of authentication

  1. Something the user knows – username, email, password, PIN
  2. Something the user has – ATM card, credit card, mobile phone, security token or any other device.
  3. Something the user is or do – biometric characteristics
  4. Time and location factors

The combination of any two of the above-listed four possible factors is known as Two Factor Authentication. More factors you use in the login procedure, higher is the security. So, implement 2FA without any delay, and experience optimum security of the online accounts and the servers.