Two Factor Authentication: Secures Accounts When Passwords Get Leaked

Two Factor Authentication: Secures Accounts When Passwords Get Leaked

The security of the online accounts is one of the biggest challenges for all the authentic users who access the internet. As you know that the internet is an unsecured network, and security of the online accounts is always a high priority of the end users. When it comes to accessing the online account of other end users, then the combination of valid username and password is the only requirement to execute this task without any hassle. If someone else manages to get both username and password of the end users from any source, then he will not waste even a fraction of a second to access their online accounts and steal all information. Therefore, it is better to use an additional security layer or step along with just password-only verification in the login procedure to secure the online accounts from several harmful external threats. Two Factor Authentication is the best alternative to password-only verification, so enable it today to secure all your valuable online accounts even in the situation when others know your secret passwords.

2FA overview

2FA (Two Factor Authentication), also known as Two Step Verification, is an authentication mechanism that adds an extra layer of security in the normal login procedure to verify identity of the user who is accessing the account. Usually, to log in to an online account, you require only one set of credentials: your username and password. This way of logging the account is known as 1FA (One Factor Authentication) or Single Step Verification. But, with 2FA, you require two set of credentials: something you know and something you have, to log in to the online account successfully.

Different authentication factors involved in the login process

Something you know (the knowledge factor)

It includes username, password, PIN, a unique verification code, a secret question & answer.

Something you have (the possession factor)

It includes credit & debit card, mobile phone, security token, key fob.

Something you are (the inherence factor)

It includes biometric characteristics: iris, retinal, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint, handwriting.

Time and Location factors

How Two Factor Authentication works?

Login using 2FA involves two steps: password-only authentication and a unique verification code or OTP. Whenever you or someone else enter the correct username and password of your account, then immediately a unique verification code is sent to your registered mobile device. To complete the login process, this code needs to be entered within a few seconds by you or that person who has guessed your username and password. As your mobile phone is with you only, therefore it would be the toughest task for another person to guess & enter this unique verification code in a single attempt, and log in to your valuable online account.

In this way, 2FA secures the online accounts even if the passwords get compromised.