Two Factor Authentication: Must When the Security is Concern

Two Factor Authentication: Must When the Security is Concern

Protecting the online accounts and other sensitive data from security threats is one of the great challenges faced by the authentic users in today’s frequently occurring cyberattacks over the Internet. For logging an online account successfully, the end users require just username and password combination. If it gets leaked or hacked, then it becomes an extremely easier task for an intruder to access your account. Therefore, it’s must to use more than just password in the login procedure to enhance the security level. Two Factor Authentication is the best solution that provides a high security level and no accounts compromise.

Defining this security solution

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a method that adds an additional authentication factor or security layer in the login procedure to verify identity of the user. This security method requires two factors – password and a verification code, to check whether the user is authentic or not. The verification code or OTP (One Time Password), being a second authentication factor, is sent to the registered physical device of the user, and is valid only for a few seconds. Due to the use of two independent factors before granting access to any user, 2FA is also known as Two Step Verification security method.

How it secures your identity?

Two Factor Authentication, as the name suggests, requires two different factors to verify that the user is authentic. If someone else gets your password, then hacking the account won’t be possible, as an additional factor, i.e. verification code, is required to complete the login process successfully. The most common example of 2FA is cash withdrawal through an ATM using your credit/debit card.

For withdrawing cash, you need your card and a 4-digit PIN. Without the combination of both, i.e. card and PIN, cash withdrawal won’t be possible even if you are an authentic user. If someone else finds your credit/debit card, then he can’t perform the transaction successfully, as 4-digit PIN is also required. In this way, Two Factor Authentication ensures the peak level security of the online accounts and secures your identity.

What are the different authentication factors?

Something you know (the knowledge factors) – username, password, PIN.

Something you have (the possession factors) – credit & debit card, mobile device, key fob.

Something you are (the inherence factors) – biometric characteristics like iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.


Hackers are continually seeking new ways to hack valuable digital assets, i.e. online accounts and data, of the authentic users, therefore it’s vital to take dynamic approach to security. Use 2FA – Two Factor Authentication, and take advantage of the added security.