Two Factor Authentication Makes Your Password Unusable for Hackers

Two Factor Authentication Makes Your Password Unusable for Hackers

When it comes to hacking, or compromising, online accounts and sensitive data of the authentic end users, the hackers just need only one factor i.e. secret password. Once they got it from any source, they will not wait even a fraction of a second to access your account. It reflects that password is the primary requirement for hackers or the online attackers to gain access to any user’s account in an easy way. Using password-only verification in the login procedure does not seem an ideal option in today’s increasing cyberattacks, as password can be easily guessed by the hackers using brute force method. Therefore, it is better for all the authentic end users to use an extra security layer or factor along with the secret password in the login procedure, so that if the first factor gets compromised, the other will protect their online accounts from all sorts of cyberattacks. One ideal method in this regard is Two Factor Authentication.

What does Two Factor Authentication mean?

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA is a security method that adds an additional layer or factor in the normal login procedure to verify whether the user is authentic or not. 2FA secures your valuable online accounts and sensitive data by requiring two different factors; secret password and a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode). The unique verification code is sent to the registered mobile device (something you have) of the user, and is valid only for a few seconds. 2FA security method is also referred to as Two Step Verification.

By confirming two different pieces of information in the login procedure, it becomes much harder for an attacker to access your account. If someone wanted to access your account, then he would need both your secret password and the mobile device to get unique verification code. With Two Factor Authentication security method, getting only the secret password of the end users is not enough for the hackers.

Authentication factors

The factors required for 2FA may be divided into several groups:

Knowledge factors (something you know) – username, password, PIN.

Possession factors (something you have) – credit & debit card, mobile device.

Inherence factors (something you are) – iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security method seems to be a reliable form of verification. It provides a new way to improve your account security, as even the most careful users are susceptible to vulnerable passwords. So, use this method to keep the online accounts and sensitive data highly safe and secure.