Two Factor Authentication – It Secures Your Online Data, It’s Proven

Two Factor Authentication – It Secures Your Online Data, It’s Proven

With the increasing rate of malicious attacks & harmful external threats, security of the online accounts and servers has become one of the biggest challenges for both end users and the enterprises. Password-alone protection is not enough to secure your valuable online accounts and servers of the enterprises. It is because the hackers use the latest algorithms to break your secret passwords, and they have got success in this task to a great level. Therefore, it is highly beneficial as well as important for end users and all types of businesses that have their server, to opt for a security technique, so that they can stay one step ahead of the hackers. One proven security method in this regard is 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).

A brief about 2FA

Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification, is a security method that adds an extra step or protection layer in the normal login procedure after the user has entered username and password. 2FA-enabled online accounts require a unique verification code or OTP as a second factor to login successfully, and to verify identity of the user. This unique verification code is received on registered device of the user, and valid for maximum 45 seconds. The major benefit of enabling Two Factor Authentication security method on the online accounts and servers is that even if someone manages to get your secret password, then also he can’t log in, as a secret code i.e. second factor is required to complete the login procedure successfully. 2FA security method provides protection against phishing, man in the middle attacks, malware and other types of fraud attacks that occur over the internet.

Possible Authentication Factors Types

There are three types of authentication factors that have been given below:

Something you know (the knowledge factor) – username, email ID, PIN, password, a secret pattern.

Something you have (the possession factor) – credit & debit card, smartphone or any other device, token.

Something you are (the inherence factor) – biometric characteristics like iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint, handwriting.

The combination of any two of the above-listed factors is known as Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification security process.

Apart from these factors, there is an extra category known as Time and Location factors.

Two Factor Authentication solution is easy to implement and cost-effective. So, enable this security method on all your online accounts & servers, and make them secure.