Two Factor Authentication: Complete Solution to Security Breaches

Two Factor Authentication: Complete Solution to Security Breaches

Every end user worldwide is aware of the increasing malicious attacks and security breaches that occur on the online accounts. Therefore, they are using the latest security techniques to secure their valuable online data, accounts and information. Making the complicated passwords using the combination of lowercase & uppercase letters, numbers and special characters, is the primary step that the end users take to secure their accounts. But, this step does not provide optimum benefits. It is due to the reason that the passwords can be easily guessed by the hackers using the advanced cryptographic techniques. So, it is better for the end users to rely not only on password verification, but also use extra security layers in the login procedure to get protection from harmful threats. Two Factor Authentication is the best solution in this regard that protects all your online accounts from getting compromised.

What this method exactly is?

Two Factor Authentication, also referred to as 2FA, is a security method that adds an additional “factor” in the normal login procedure to verify identity of the user. It is also known as Two Step Verification. Two Factor Authentication security method is more than just password-only verification. 2FA requires the username and password combination; the first factor, and a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode); the second factor, to log in to your online account. This unique verification code is sent to the mobile number of the authentic end user after every login attempt, and expires in 30 to 60 seconds. Two Factor Authentication method makes it extremely difficult for the hackers or intruders to gain access to your online account. It is because they need both your secret password and a unique verification code, that is sent to your mobile device, to hack your account.

Possible authentication factors types

Something you know (the knowledge factor) – username, password, PIN

Something you have (the possession factor) – credit & debit card, mobile device

Something you are (the inherence factor) – biometric characteristics of the end user

Apart from the above-listed factors types, the fourth category; Time and Location factors are also used in the authentication process.

The most common example of Two Factor Authentication security method is cash withdrawal through an ATM. For executing this task, you need your credit or debit card (something you have) and a secret 4-digit PIN (something you know). If your card is lost and someone finds it, then he can’t withdraw cash, as a 4-digit PIN is required to accomplish this task successfully. In this way, Two Factor Authentication method acts as a complete solution to security breaches that occur on your online accounts.