Two Factor Authentication: Better Account Security Assured

Two Factor Authentication: Better Account Security Assured

Identity theft and online account compromises have become too common in today’s growing online services. Hackers always keep an eye on the end-users’ digital assets, and they use advanced cryptographic techniques to gain access to their valuable online accounts, data, and information. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the end users to secure their digital assets from all sorts of malicious activities that occur over the internet. For this purpose, they (end users) must add or enable an extra security method in the login procedure to better protect their online accounts. Two-Factor Authentication is the best solution that protects your digital assets from all security breaches easily.

A brief about this method

Two Factor Authentication, as its name indicates, is a security method that involves two different mechanisms or factors in the login procedure to verify identity of the user. This method requires ‘a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode)’ along with the valid ‘username and password’ combination, before granting access to the user. Two Factor Authentication adds an extra step or security layer to provide protection from identity theft. This method is also known as 2FA or Two Step Verification. Requiring two different factors in the login process, enhances the security of the online accounts. If the first factor; password, gets compromised, then the second factor; a unique verification code, acts as a security channel and protects all your valuable online accounts from getting hacked. This verification code is sent to the registered mobile device of the user, and is valid only for a few seconds.

Most of the end users worldwide think 2FA a new security technique, but it’s in use for a long time. Cash withdrawal from an ATM using your credit or debit card is one of the common examples of Two Factor Authentication method. It is because you need two things – your ATM card and a 4-digit PIN to withdraw cash successfully. If you don’t know (4-digit PIN) & have (ATM card) any one of these things, then it won’t be possible for you to withdraw cash. It gives you an indication that how Two Factor Authentication security method secures your online accounts.

Authentication factors used in 2FA

Something you know – username, password, PIN

Something you have – credit & debit card, mobile phone

Something you are – includes biometric characteristics of the user

Two Factor Authentication uses any two of the above-listed possible three authentication factors in the login process to check whether the user is authentic or not. This method ensures better account security from all types of threats.