Two Factor Authentication: An Ideal Way to Stop the Online Accounts Hacking

Two Factor Authentication: An Ideal Way to Stop the Online Accounts Hacking

Hacking the end users’ valuable online accounts, data and information has become a big business for the cybercriminals, and is now one of the fastest growing cybercrimes type around the globe. It (hacking) is a low risk, high reward game malicious activity, and targets every end user. Therefore, it is must to keep your system, network and the online accounts secure from all sorts of hacking incidents or security breaches that occur over the internet. Step up your user authentication, and stay ahead of the hackers. Use the latest security techniques, so that all your digital assets get protected from different types of malicious activities. One ideal security method that protects all your valuable online accounts from getting compromised is Two Factor Authentication. Move ahead with this security method, and get a secure login experience.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Weak passwords are the preferred weapons used by the hackers or intruders when looking to gain access to your online accounts. Logging in to the account with using just only password as a means of authentication, increases the chances of your account to get hacked easily. Due to this major shortcoming of password-only verification in the login procedure, Two Factor Authentication came into being, and is working well regarding security of the online accounts. It is being used in different internet services such as emailing, instant messaging, online shopping, net banking, and many more.

Two Factor Authentication, also known as Two Step Verification or 2FA, is a method to increase security of the online accounts by validating & verifying the identity of the user using two different components in the login procedure. This security method adds an extra layer or step to make the login secure. 2FA requires two factors – secret password (something you know) and a mobile device to receive unique verification code (something you have), to check whether the user is authentic or not. If you lack any one of these factors, then accessing the account will be impossible. It reflects that Two Factor Authentication security method is highly secure.

What factors 2FA combine?

>> The knowledge factor (something you know)

  • It includes username, password, PIN, a secret question and answer.

>> The possession factor (something you have)

  • It includes credit & debit card, mobile device.

>> The inherence factor (something you are)

  • It includes biometric characteristics of the user such as iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint, etc.

>> Time and Location factors

  • These factors include geographic location.

Two Factor Authentication security method combines any two of the above-listed possible four authentication factors in the login process. This method secures online accounts, data and information of the end users. Two Factor Authentication provides protection against basic threats such as key loggers, and cracked or stolen passwords.