Two Factor Authentication: An Additional Lock on Your Lock

Two Factor Authentication: An Additional Lock on Your Lock

Every Internet user is familiar with the words like Internet frauds, cyber threats, online scams, cyber crimes, etc. These words scare the authentic users, and the reason is simple – lack of enough security. When it comes to securing valuable online accounts and confidential data from cybercriminals, you use a single lock, i.e. the password. But, it (password) doesn’t provide the same security level you want. Therefore, it’s must to put an additional lock on the online accounts for their better protection against rapidly increasing cyber threats.

Two Factor Authentication is an additional lock or layer of protection that helps to secure all your sensitive data and the online accounts from cybercriminals.

What’s Two Factor Authentication, and how does it help?

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA or Two Step Verification, is a security method that adds an extra protection layer in the normal login to verify identity of the user. 2FA security method uses not only the username and password combination, but also a second factor; verification code, that only the user has access to. This second factor or form of verification is used for determining authenticity of the user and granting him access.

The verification code is sent to the user’s registered mobile or any other physical device immediately after entering the correct username and password combination, and is valid only for a few seconds. If you ever receive the verification code without entering the first factor; the password, then it reflects that someone else also know your primary login credentials. The use of second factor in the login process makes it harder for cybercriminals and fraudsters to gain access to your sensitive online data.

Possible factors this security method use

  • The knowledge factors (something the user knows) – username, password, PIN, a secret question & its answer.
  • The possession factors (something the user has) – physical device such as mobile or key fob.
  • The inherence factors (something the user is) – biometric characteristics like iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.

With Two Factor Authentication security method, it won’t be possible for an intruder or even an authentic user to access the account without username and password combination and a verification code. Due to this reason, Two Factor Authentication method refers to an additional lock on your lock.