Two Factor Authentication: A Powerful Weapon Against Security Breaches

Two Factor Authentication: A Powerful Weapon Against Security Breaches

The hacking has become one of the biggest problems for the end users around the globe. Their valuable online accounts are being hacked by the hackers, and for executing this task they (hackers) use several advanced cryptographic methods. The primary target of the hackers is to guess secret passwords of the end users with the help of brute force method, or any other technique. Once they know the valid passwords, they will not waste even a fraction of a second to login your online accounts. It reflects that using just password-only security layer is not enough to secure your accounts and data from all types of possible attacks that occur over the internet. Therefore, it is necessary for the end users to add extra layers in the login procedure, so that the hackers can’t gain access to your online accounts. Two Factor Authentication security method acts as a powerful weapon that provides protection against all types of harmful external threats.

What is this method and what’s the purpose of using it?

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA or Two Step Verification, is an authentication mechanism that adds an extra layer of security in the normal login procedure to verify identity of the end user who has entered the combination of valid username and password. In general, it is the process of confirming the identity of an end user by using two distinct components or factors in the login procedure.

These components can be chosen from something that is known to the user (username, PIN, password, a secret question), the user’s possessions (credit & debit card, mobile phone, key fob) or biometric characteristics (iris, retina, face, voice recognition, fingerprint) that are unique and closely associated to the user. Two Factor Authentication security method includes any two of these three components to make the login process complicated for unauthorized users, and the end users online accounts hack-free. Most of the businesses generally make use of the entities like PIN and mobile phone to check authenticity of the user. It is because the biometric verification method is highly expensive to put in use for small scale businesses.

2FA is a means by which an additional layer of security is added to your valuable online accounts. There was a time when passwords were sufficient for keeping an online account safe from hackers and other cyber threats. But, today the scenario has been changed completely. Now the end users must have something other than passwords to secure their online accounts. With 2FA, the end users require to enter a unique verification code or OTP after entering the password to gain access to the account successfully. This unique verification code is sent to the registered mobile device of the user once the password has been entered, and is valid only for a few seconds. So, if someone else manages to get your password, then also he can’t log in to your account. It is because to do so, he needs your registered mobile device along with your secret password. This is how Two Factor Authentication provides protection against security breaches.

Two Factor Authentication is truly a boon for all end users as well as the enterprises in today’s rapidly increasing hacking incidents around the globe.