Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – Safeguarding The Online Account

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) – Safeguarding The Online Account

With the rise of security breaches, hacking, digital crime, malicious attacks, internet fraud, etc. safeguarding the online account has become an extremely important step for all those users whose valuable data and information is available over the internet. By default, password is a primary security key for all the online users around the globe. The users keep their valuable account, data as well as information password-protected-only to ensure no more malicious attacks on their account. But, in fact, password-only-authentication i.e. 1FA (One Factor Authentication) method does not provide peak level of security to the accounts available online.

The major problem associated with this form of authentication is that it is not 100% reliable as the hackers can guess or steal even strong passwords. A further problem is that most of the users worldwide use the same password for accessing their multiple accounts. It results in maximizing the chances of getting the online account hacked. One ideal solution that not only increases security by asking more than just password at the time of login, but also makes it harder for the hackers to hack an account is 2FA i.e. Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification.

What exactly this method is?

Two Factor Authentication is a security method, which uses two factors in the login procedure for verifying identity of the user. This method makes the task of hacking the online account extremely difficult for the hackers.

Essential requirements in 2FA method

Two Factor Authentication method requires two out of the possible three factors to identity as well as authenticate the user. These factors are: something you know(username, email ID, a secret question, PIN and password), something you have (ATM card, credit card, token, mobile phone) and something you are (iris scan, eye scan, facial recognition, voice, fingerprint, handwriting and typing speed).

How 2FA works?

Implementation of Two Factor Authentication increases one more step in the login procedure. In the first step, the user will enter username and password. When both these credentials match with the values stored on the server, then the second step comes into action. In this (second) step, the user will receive a secret code on his registered physical device, say a mobile phone. The user needs to enter this secret code for verifying his identity and granting access.

One important point to note here is that this secret code comes with a validity of less than a minute. So, if not entered within this time frame, then the user has to request the code second time. If your password is stolen or disclosed, then no need to worry as hacker requires a secret code for successfully completing the login procedure. This code is received on the device, something you have.


After taking the working of Two Factor Authentication into consideration, it is clear that it helps to safeguard the online account with perfection, and ensures the highest level of security at every step whenever login into your account. So, implement it today for maximum security.