Tips for Safeguarding and Securing the Online Accounts

Tips for Safeguarding and Securing the Online Accounts

The end users worldwide probably use complicated passwords to prevent hackers or intruders from accessing their valuable online accounts, data and information. But, strong passwords alone are not enough to keep the online accounts and data secure, as cyberattacks are rapidly increasing day-by-day. There is no doubt that guessing the complex passwords is a tough task to execute, but not impossible. Therefore, it is must for the authentic end users to opt for some advanced security methods and tips, along with using the complicated passwords, to secure their online accounts. So, go through this post to know about several useful tips that help protect all your valuable online data and accounts from harmful security breaches.

Below are the tips:


Many internet users might not know the difference between http and https. HTTPS ensures a secure connection between you and the server, and data is transmitted in an encrypted form whereas HTTP does not. Before clicking a URL of the website, check whether it starts with HTTPS or not. Click on the URL only if it contains HTTPS, else avoid clicking on it for security perspectives.

Beware of phishing scams

Phishing scams are one of the oldest tricks used by the intruders, and many end users become the victim of this scam. The best way to avoid a phishing scam is to avoid logging into accounts through links within emails, even if you know with full certainty that the email is legitimate. Instead, go to the official website directly and login from there to confirm the email claim.

Enable Two Factor Authentication for all your accounts

Two Factor Authentication, also referred to as 2FA or Two Step Verification, is a security method that adds an additional security layer or step in the normal login procedure to verify identity of the user. This security method requires two factors – secret password and a unique verification code, to complete the login procedure successfully. 2FA security method is more than using just password-only verification.

Avoid accessing your accounts from a public Wi-Fi or an unsecured network

It is always the best practice to use your personal Wi-Fi or data connection to access your valuable online accounts. To ensure a high level of security, avoid accessing your accounts over an unsecured network.

Always log out when you are done

It is a good practice to always log out your online accounts when you have finished your task. This practice will minimize the chances of the online accounts hacking and maximize the security level.

Hope, you have gone through all the above-listed security tips. Start following them from today onwards to better protect your online accounts, data and information.