Steps Required to Enable Two Factor Authentication on Gmail Account

Gmail accounts are at a high risk of getting hacked, therefore it has become must for the end users to secure their account from all sorts of harmful external security threats. The security of these accounts can be enhanced by adding extra authentication factors or layers in the normal login procedure to verify identity of the user. Two Factor Authentication is the best security solution in this regard. So, it is must for all the end users worldwide to enable this security method, and secure their Gmail account.

The various steps involved in enabling Two Factor Authentication on Gmail account have been pointed below:

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail account using email ID and password.


Step 2: Once you sign in successfully, click on your account photo or icon in the upper right-hand corner, and then select ‘My Account’. This will redirect to ‘My Account’ page.


Step 3: Click on Sign-in & security section.


Step 4: Under this section, click on Signing in to Google.


Step 5: Click on 2-Step Verification under Password & sign-in method.


Step 6: Click on Get Started.


Step 7: Enter your password and click on Sign in.


Step 8: Enter phone number you want to use. Choose any one of the modes; either Text message or Phone call, to get the verification code.


Step 9: Click on TRY IT.


Step 10: Enter the verification code sent to your mobile, and click on NEXT.


Step 11: Finally, click on TURN ON.

Now, you can easily enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) security method on your Gmail account using the above-listed steps sequentially.