Password-only Verification Equals to Low Security! 2FA Makes It High

Password-only Verification Equals to Low Security! 2FA Makes It High

When it comes to accessing an online account, the combination of username and password is the primary requirement. The secret password of an online account differentiates unauthorized users from the authentic one. But, if someone else i.e. an unauthorized user hacks your secret password, then he can easily prove your identity and perform all the activities that you do with your valuable online account. It reflects that password-alone protection means lesser security of the digital assets. Therefore, to change the security level from lesser to higher, it is must to use an additional authentication factor in the login procedure along with the password. Using 2FA is the best option in this regard that greatly enhances security of the online accounts.

What exactly 2FA is?

2FA (Two Factor Authentication), also known as Two Step Verification, is an authentication mechanism that uses two factors in the login procedure to verify identity of the user, and checking whether to give him access or not. Secret password and a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode) are the two factors used in 2FA security method. Every authentic end user knows the secret password of his online account, and the unique verification code is sent to his registered mobile device immediately after entering the username and password. This code is valid only for a few seconds i.e. 30-45 seconds.

If someone else manages to get your secret password, then he can’t access your online account, as he needs to enter the unique verification code sent to your mobile. In this way, 2FA ensures higher security and protects your online accounts when the hackers know secret password of the authentic users.

What are the different possible authentication factors?

Possible factors of identity verification to access the online accounts are:

Something you know, also known as the knowledge factors. It includes username, password, PIN, a secret question.

Something you have, also known as the possession factors. It includes credit & a debit card, mobile device.

Something you are, also known as the inherence factors. It includes biometrics like iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) means that the user, who is logging in to the online account, is asked to provide any two of the above-listed factors to ensure that he is an authentic user. This security method helps you to stay secure in today’s increasing cyberattacks.