Hacking Accounts Not Easy with Two Factor Authentication

Hacking Accounts Not Easy with Two Factor Authentication

To log in to the online accounts, the end users need a secret password, as it is the primary, or you can say default, requirement. But, in the world of online connectivity and highly advanced hacking techniques, the passwords are no longer considered the strongest link in account security. Therefore, the end users need extra protection, and they must add a new layer of security to all their valuable online accounts, data and information by implementing 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) method in the normal login procedure. This method protects your accounts from all major types of harmful external security breaches.

More about this method

Two Factor Authentication, also referred to as 2FA or Two Step Verification, is a security feature that requires the users to confirm their identity by entering a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode) sent to their registered device after entering secret password in the login procedure. This method uses a combination of two different components – secret password and a verification code. Both these components are independent of each other. The verification code or One Time Passcode sent to the registered mobile device of the user after every login attempt is valid only for a few seconds.

The users use 2FA security method in their day to day life, but they are not aware of it. Cash withdrawal from an ATM through your credit or debit card is the best and common example of Two Factor Authentication method. In this cash withdrawal process, you need two components – your card; the first one, and 4-digit PIN; the second one. If you don’t know or have any one of these components, then withdrawing cash will be impossible even if you are an authentic user. In the same way, if someone else hacks or steals your secret password, then he can’t log in to your account, if it is 2FA-enabled. It is because he requires a unique verification code; the second factor, along with the password. Due to this reason, hacking the valuable online accounts, data and other crucial information of the end users is not easy for the hackers or intruders with Two Factor Authentication security method.

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