Enable 2FA, Get Ultimate Protection from Identity Theft

Enable 2FA, Get Ultimate Protection from Identity Theft

Identity thieves, or you can say the hackers, are becoming increasingly more sophisticated than ever. To protect your online valuable personal information, data and accounts from other persons, you not only need to be more vigilant, but also you must use more sophisticated & advanced security methods. One of those proven security methods that helps to provide ultimate protection from identity theft is 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) or Two Step Verification. This post is all about how Two Factor Authentication protects your identity over the internet, so read it to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

What exactly this method is?

Two Factor Authentication, also referred to as 2FA or Two Step Verification, is a security method that requires you to provide two factors in the login procedure to prove your identity. This means the user needs to provide both username & password (the first factor) and a unique verification code or OTP (the second factor) to verify his identity. Suppose if any person manages to know your secret password, then also he can’t prove ‘he is you’. It is because to gain complete access to your online personal information, data and accounts, he needs to enter a unique verification code in the second step. This code is sent to the registered mobile number of the user via a text message whenever there is a login attempt.

2FA basically adds an extra step or layer of security to your standard login procedure to protect your identity, as password-only authentication is not enough in today’s increasing security breaches. In this way, 2FA helps to protect you from identity theft. Without Two Factor Authentication, you simply enter username and password that serves as a single factor of authentication.

What does second level of identification include?

Second level of identification includes the following:

  • Answering a security question (something you know)
  • Entering a unique verification code sent to your mobile phone (something you have)
  • Biometric characteristics (something you are)

How Two Factor Authentication works?

A good example of Two Factor Authentication security method is what you do when you withdraw cash from an ATM. Along with using your debit card (something you have), you need to enter the correct 4-digit PIN (something you know) to withdraw cash without any hassle.

This extra level of security works to help prevent thieves from being able to steal your money or identity by stealing a single item (whether it is your PIN of choice or your debit card).

Two Factor Authentication secures your valuable online data, information and accounts from security threats. This authentication mechanism helps to reduce cases of online identity theft as well as email phishing because criminals need more than just your username and password to access your data.