Boost Your Online Accounts Security Through 2FA

Boost Your Online Accounts Security Through 2FA

Have you ever received the message ‘the password you entered is not valid’ even if you have entered the correct password, and you are the authentic user of that account? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then it clearly reflects that your secret password was guessed and changed by someone else, and you did not get any notification or alert when this activity was happening. Being an end user, if you never want to face this situation again, then it’s must to enhance the security level of your valuable online account by adding an extra step in the login procedure along with password-authentication. The hackers are hacking several online accounts of the end users worldwide daily, and this malicious activity is increasing continuously at an unexpected rate. Therefore, it has become necessary for all the end users globally to opt for a security solution that help boost their online accounts security. One proven name in this regard is 2FA (Two Factor Authentication). This security solution not only provides the next level security, but also alerts you in the situation when someone else has entered the valid password of your online account.

What is 2FA and how it boosts security?

The username and password combination was the only requirement to successfully verify and protect a user’s identity. But, with several cybercrimes on the rise and increasing sophistication of malicious attacks, 2FA has become an essential component in ensuring identity of the end users and security of their online accounts.

2FA, also referred to as Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification, is a security method that adds an extra security layer or step in the normal login procedure to verify identity of the end user. With Two Factor Authentication security process, a user provides two means of identification – the combination of username and password (something you know) and a unique verification code or OTP (something you have). This verification code is sent to the registered mobile number of the user at every login attempt, and is valid only for a few seconds. So, if any unauthorized user enters the valid password of your online account, then also he can’t gain access to that. It is because a unique verification code, that is sent to your registered mobile number, is required to complete the second step of login process. In this way, Two Factor Authentication boosts your online account security.

Types of authentication factors

  1. The knowledge factor (something you know) – username, password, PIN
  2. The possession factor (something you have) – credit & debit card, mobile phone
  3. The inherence factor (something you are) – biometric characteristics
  4. Time and Location factors

Two Factor Authentication emerges as a much-needed extra layer of security. So, enable this security method on all your online accounts before you become the next target of the hackers.