2FA Security Method – A Must Have for Every Authentic User Globally

2FA Security Method – A Must Have for Every Authentic User Globally

In today’s cutting-edge technology, the internet has become the primary requirement, and it is being used by most of the people worldwide. Almost all the internet users globally have their online accounts on different web platforms like social media, blogging, chatting, business, science & technology, education, games, health, news, and many more. The security of all the valuable online accounts is must for the end users. Therefore, they (end users) must add an extra security layer or step in the login procedure to protect their accounts from all types of malicious attacks and security breaches. 2FA is the best security solution that makes the online accounts safer and harder to breach.

What exactly is 2FA process?

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is a security method that uses two different layers of security in the login procedure to verify identity of the user. This method adds another solid layer of security to all your valuable online accounts and data, and makes it much more difficult for the hackers or intruders to hijack your accounts or steal your secret information online. 2FA is also referred to as TSV (Two Step Verification).

Normally, the end users require the combination of username and password to log in to their online accounts. But, with 2FA, they require a unique verification code along with the password to access their accounts. When you type in your username and password combination in the login procedure, you are using the first layer of authentication i.e. 1FA (One Factor Authentication) method. The second layer i.e. a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Password) is independent of the first one and is used to vastly decrease the risk of your online account falling into the wrong hands. Adding a second layer of security diminishes the possibility of using the stolen login credentials to access your accounts.

Possible authentication factors used in the login process

The knowledge factor; something you know – username, password, PIN

The possession factor; something you have – credit & debit card, mobile phone

The inherence factor; something you are – biometric characteristics like iris, retinal, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.

Time and Location factors

If your online account is 2FA-enabled, then an unauthorized user won’t be able to access it even if he knows your valid username and password combination. It is because he requires the second factor; a unique verification code or OTP, to gain access to your online account successfully. This verification code is sent to your registered mobile device at every login attempt. Due to its high level of security and invulnerability feature, 2FA is a must have security method for all the end users worldwide to secure their prestigious online accounts.