2FA: ‘No Hacking, Complete Online Accounts Security’

2FA: 'No Hacking, Complete Online Accounts Security'

The passwords are the most important thing, or you can say the primary element, required to gain access to the online accounts. Importance of the passwords can be understood with the fact that a plenty of cyberattacks and hacking incidents are occurring continuously on the online accounts at a highly rapid rate. The hackers are hungry for passwords, and they use the latest cryptographic methods to simplify hacking and log in to valuable online accounts of the end users. Data breaches and password leaks are leaving a plenty of the accounts vulnerable to being accessed by the hackers. Therefore, it has become an extremely important task for all the end users to make not only their passwords strong, but also opt for a security mechanism that protects their prestigious online accounts from harmful external threats. In this regard, one best security method that ensures no more hacking incidents and complete security of the online accounts is 2FA.

What’s 2FA and how it secures digital assets?

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is a security mechanism that adds an extra layer of security to all your online accounts to protect them from all types of malicious attacks. It is more than just password-only authentication, as this method requires both your secret password; the first factor (something you know), and a unique verification code; the second factor (something you have) to verify your identity in the login procedure. This unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode) is sent to the registered mobile device of the user. Due to the involvement of two steps in the login process, 2FA is also referred to as Two Step Verification method.

You are already using this security method, but you may not be aware of it. The best and common example of Two Factor Authentication security system is cash withdrawal through an ATM. For withdrawing cash, you need both a debit card and four-digit PIN. Without any one of these things, it is impossible to withdraw cash for an authentic user. If someone else steals your debit card, then also he can’t do anything with it, as a 4-digit PIN which only you know is required to withdraw cash. In this way, Two Factor Authentication secures your online accounts and transactions.

What is used for Two Factor Authentication security method?

Being a highly secured authentication mechanism, 2FA uses any two of the possible three authentication factors that have been pointed below:

  1. Something you know – username, password, PIN, a secret question
  2. Something you have – debit card, mobile phone
  3. Something you are – biometric characteristics like iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.

Apart from these three above-listed factors of authentication, there are other factors, namely Time and Location factors. They are used in the places where there is an excessive demand of security.

Some extra measures of password security that you must take

  • Change your passwords after a short time span.
  • Do not use the same passwords across multiple accounts.
  • Minimum length of the passwords must be eight characters.
  • Use a unique combination of special characters, numbers, symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters to make a strong password.
  • Never use your name, date of birth, address, phone number in your passwords. These are the things that can be easily guessed by other persons.

2FA, or Two Factor Authentication, security method prevents others from accessing your valuable online accounts even if the secret password gets compromised. When you enable 2FA for your online accounts, then you are required to provide both secret password and a unique verification code to complete the login procedure successfully.