2FA – It’s Recommended for Every Online Account


Has your online account ever been compromised by hackers? If No, then it’s good from security point of view. But, if the answer is Yes, then you must have learned the importance of a good account security. Being an authentic end user, you have been thinking about how to best protect your online accounts from all sorts of cyberattacks. The simple and best method that provides a better account protection from rapidly increasing malicious activities over the internet is 2FA.

What exactly is 2FA process?

2FA, also referred to as Two Factor Authentication or Two Step Verification, is a security measure used to confirm the identity of an account holder. In fact, it is an extra security step to prevent an individual who is not the user of an account from accessing or transferring funds.

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA, as the name suggests, is implemented using two different factors; secret password and a unique verification code or OTP (One Time Passcode), in the login procedure to verify identity of the user who is logging in to the account. The unique verification code is sent to the registered mobile or any other device of the user, and is valid only for a few seconds. Since it is not likely that an intruder would have access to both your secret password and mobile device, 2FA security method will protect your valuable online account from being compromised.

Possible factors of authentication

Something you know (the knowledge factors) – username, password, PIN, a secret question.

Something you have (the possession factors) – credit/debit card, mobile phone.

Something you are (the inherence factors) – biometric characteristics of the user such as iris, retina, face scan, voice recognition, fingerprint.

In short, 2FA = something you know + something you have.

Final words

2FA is a highly secure method that protects all your sensitive online data, information and accounts from security breaches. It is because with 2FA, the secret password is not the only thing that the hackers or intruders need to gain access to your online account. They also need a unique verification code along with the secret password to complete the second step and access the account successfully. Due to this reason, 2FA is recommended for every online account.