About Us


REVE Secure is a vertical of the REVE Group, a Singapore based conglomerate engaged in offering security solutions to enterprises through its products REVE Secure Multi-Factor Authentication, REVE Endpoint Security Solution and Secured Visitor Registration System.

REVE Multi-Factor Authentication

REVE Secure Multi-factor authentication system provides security to server remote access and users’ online accounts. Adding additional layers of security in the login process, REVE Secure MFA prevents fraudulent logins ensuring data security of organizations.

REVE Endpoint Security Solution

REVE Endpoint Security Solution provides network security to organizations protecting all endpoints from malware and other cyber-attack. Loaded with features such as Data Loss Prevention & Data Backup, REVE EPS keeps organizations safe from external as well as internal data thefts.


SecureViz is a security product from REVE Secure to provide secured visitor registration system in corporate offices and residential buildings.